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Projets et initiatives

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Canary's project

01/01/2003 - 31/12/2006

Canary's project
Monitoring of fisheries in the MPAs of the Canary Archipelago.

There are two objectives:
* Assessment of the impact on the species of fisheries and/or ecological interest of the measures applied in the MPAs ;
* Communicate to stakeholders -namely fishermen- the benefits of the monitoring activities.

List of Partners

  • Secretaría General del Mar, MARM ;
  • Instituto Español del Oceanografía (IEO).

Work packages

  1. Fisheries research campaigns ;
  2. Data analysis ;
  3. Presentation of results.


  • Estimations of abundance and several biological parameters (size, weight, etc.), of the species of fisheries and/or ecological interes in the MPAS. Fisheries stations at different depth inside and outside the areas of the reserve allow for spatial comparisons ;
  • Incorporation of the data collected to a database with historical data from previous campaigns, allowing for temporal comparison.

Useful outputs for MAIA

  • Methodology ;
  • Output of the 2006 Campaign.

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